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Understanding How Decisions Made Downtown Effects Your Community

We here at The Reporter Newspaper feels like the moves and decisions that are being made "politically" in our city is not being adequately conveyed to our communities. I realized that during my conversation with Russ Neal, I could understand him very clearly. He was able to translate all of that so-called "political jargon" to standard English. This is the reason why he personally feels that an open line of "verbal communication" is paramount when conveying the news and information that are made by the city for our communities.

Understanding the passion and love that councilman Russ Neal has for our community (and the entire city) made me feel happy to know that we have someone that truly cares about what happens to our neighborhoods. It is our hope that we get other councilmen and individuals from "The City of Akron" downtown offices to partake in these dialogues via both and The Reporter Newspaper Posted below you'll see my conversation with councilman Russ Neal. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.

The Reporter Newspaper
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