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Upon seeing Nyakim Gatwech for the first time, your initial impression may have been: Holy moly! WHO is this? And WHERE did she come from?

Well, for those on the late-freight, she’s a South Sudanese-born model currently based in Minnesota.

The 24-year-old model first developed her passion for the world of lights, camera, and action while living in a refugee camp in Kenya, spending her time looking through fashion magazines and watching “America’s Next Top Model.”

You also probably won’t be surprised to learn that she’s called “The Queen of Dark” because of how she models in her unique skin color. But let’s talk about the move she made recently that blew minds on the red carpet at the Emmys.

According to, Gatwech was born in Sudan and migrated to the US with the rest of her family while in middle school. Originally settling in Buffalo, New York, she later moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. She considered a modelling career after taking part in a fashion show at St. Cloud State University. She has appeared in promotional posters for the 2017.

The article also makes note that while a lot of dark skinned people are fleeing from their blackness with bleaching creams, potions, etc., this 24-year-old model is smartly embracing her dark complexion with pride.

Like any enterprising model these days, she can be found on Instagram where she shares her gorgeous snaps/videos with her 89,000-plus followers. She also sends out inspirational messages, especially to women who are struggling to be comfortable in their own skin.

EUR Extra Video – Nyakim Gatwech on her background:

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