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Well damn, isn’t this interesting. Even though Donald Trump goes in on her and demonizes her, Congressional Republicans, on the other hand, say Maxine Waters is a dealmaker.

Yes, there’s no doubt that President Trump has mocked Waters as a “low IQ person” and she has called for his impeachment, but surprizingly, Republicans who work with the California Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee see something different: a rare deal-maker in a polarized Congress.

Here’s MORE from Politico:

Waters, who would chair the committee if Democrats win the House, has shown a surprising willingness to work across the aisle and with industry groups, even helping to deliver White House-backed legislation to ease regulations and crack down on China.

“There are many, many things that Maxine and I are completely, diametrically the opposite on,” said Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Okla.), who is in the running to be the committee’s Republican leader. “But I have dealt with her enough on issues to understand she can see the whole picture. It is possible to negotiate with her and she’ll keep her word. That’s an important thing in Congress. Not everybody does that anymore.”

It’s a side of Waters that has been far overshadowed by her role as a leader of the anti-Trump resistance.

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“People underestimate Ms. Waters,” said Jamie Gregory, vice president of legislative affairs at the National Association of Realtors. “People forget that she’s also a legislator.”

To be sure, Waters led the charge against Republican-led efforts this year to roll back post-crisis banking rules, and she has called the GOP’s signature tax reform bill a scam.

But her track record on other key issues — as well as pressure she will face from more business-friendly Democrats in what could be a narrowly divided House — has left some lobbyists and Republicans cautiously optimistic about the prospects for getting things done even if the liberal firebrand uses the chair as a platform to attack Trump.

Wow. Interesting. Once again that old saw about politics making strange bedfelllows comes to mind. But hey, there’s lots MORE to the story and you can it all at Politico.

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