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With the media’s attention locked on the foiled Bombing of multiple high profile celebs and Democratic officials, including former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as well as the horrific massacre of 11 victims at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, there’s something blatantly being overlooked.

That something is the unprovoked killing of 2 black grandparents by a racist white man in Kentucky before saying “whites don’t kill whites.”

White supremacist Gregory Alan Bush, 51, has been arraigned for the Wednesday murder of two African-American customers at a Kentucky Kroger grocery store.

A witness to the tragedy said that moments after the gunman killed two blacks, he told an armed white bystander, Ed Harrell, that “whites don’t kill whites.”

The WAVE3 report said Harrell came into contact with Bush in the store’s parking lot and that’s when the shooter allegedly uttered the phrase to him.

Bush allegedly entered the Jeffersontown store Wednesday afternoon and shot Maurice Stallard, 69, multiple times and after leaving the store, he shot the second victim, Vickie Lee Jones, 67, in the parking lot.

The deranged gunman exchanged fire with an armed bystander before fleeing the scene, police said. He was captured shortly afterward.

Prior to the shooting, Bush attempted to enter the First Baptist Church of Jeffersontown — a predominantly black church — but was “unsuccessful.”

Bush’s Facebook page indicates he has a history of posting racially charged opinions.

“They cast a black Human Torch, why not a white Static-Shock? You know why,” Bush said in a 2015 post linking to an article about actor Jaden Smith being confirmed to play the superhero.

He also revealed his schizophrenia on the same Facebook account.

“I have worked most of my life and battled mental illness throughout my life,” Bush wrote. “My paranoid-schizophrenia finally stopped me from working and now am on mental disability. I’m lucky I made it this far with all the trouble I’ve caused myself when I get off my medicine.”

Jeffersontown Police Chief Sam Rogers said there is “some mental illness history with the suspect in question.”

Gregory Alan / Department of Corrections

Kroger and the city’s mayor have since expressed sorrow for those affected by the incident.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the Vicki Jones and Maurice Stallard whose lives were cut short in this senseless act – and especially want to remember the grandson who was with his grandfather at the time of the shooting,” said Jeffersontown Mayor Bill Dieruf in a statement. “We also seek a sense of peace for the store employees and residents of our community who were witnesses to the terrible tragedy.”

Kroger officials said in a statement that they are “shocked” and “saddened” by the incident.

Bush has been charged with two counts of murder and 10 counts of wanton endangerment.

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