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The shooting occured in Houston on Dec. 30 when a car pulled alongside the vehicle carrying Barnes and her family and a gunman opened fire. Jazmine died of a gunshot wound to the head, and her mother was hit in the arm.

A prosecutor presented details of the case against Black at the Sunday morning hearing at Probable Cause Court in downtown Houston. Appearing by video conference, the prosecutor said the Harris County sheriff had received an anonymous tip over email implicating two men identified as “LW” and “EB” in the shooting after authorities asked the public for help identifying the assailants.

The source told the sheriff the suspects thought the vehicle carrying Jazmine was another vehicle they had seen earlier in the day, the prosecutor said, and didn’t realize they had hit the wrong vehicle until seeing the news later that day.

We’re certainly glad yo hear of the arrests, but what about the angle of the shooter being a WHITE man? Remember, it was LaPorsha Washington, Jazmine’s mother, who said in the days following the shooting that she believed it was racially motivated. Her other daughter, who was also in the car, initially said the shooter was a white man in a red truck, and police released an artist’s sketch Thursday showing a thin, white man with a 5 o’clock shadow. Black, the accused driver, is obviously African American.

Maybe that question will be answered when Investigators hold a news conference (this afternoon) to provide more details on the charges. Authorities had offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

The Reporter Newspaper
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