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*Uganda’s tourism minister is catching heat over his plan to boost attraction to the country by promoting its “naturally endowed nice-looking women” via a beauty pageant that’s all about celebrating curves.

As we previously reported, the country’s state minister for tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda, launched “Miss Curvy Uganda” as part of the Tulambule tourism initiative, the UK Independent reported.

At an event in the country’s capital, Kampala, Kiwanda unveiled his “Miss Curvy Uganda” beauty pageant and now he’s under intense scrutiny, per New York Post.

“We have naturally endowed nice-looking women that are amazing to look at. Why don’t we use these people as a strategy to promote our tourism industry?” he told the audience, as reported by Daily Monitor.

The pageant is open to women ages 18 to 35 and finalists will be selected in June.

“Women are not a tourist attraction,” MP Winnie Kizza told the Daily Monitor. “They are not an object for pleasure. They are not a money-minting project.”

Ritah Aciro, executive director of Uganda Women’s Network, called the pageant “backward, barbaric and abuse of women’s rights,” he said.

“Do you think tourists come here for women? That is portraying Uganda in a myopic way. Whoever said it should apologize to the women, they are mothers.”

Pageant organizers insist that they are simply celebrating the country’s diverse beauty.

“Miss Curvy is an event that will bring out the endowment of the real African woman,” said Ann Mungoma, the pageant’s lead organizer.

“It is an exceptional event that will see young ladies showcase their beautiful curves and intellect.”

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