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*John Singleton funeral and interment details have been released. We now know the date and location of his services and where he’ll be buried.

Singleton’s service will be observed this Monday at 10am at the Angelus Funeral Home on Crenshaw Blvd. in the Crenshaw District of South Los Angeles. If the Angelus Funeral Home name sounds familiar, that’s because you might recognize it as the same place that handled Nipsey Hussle’s funeral arrangements.

After services for Singleton, he will be interred at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills. Yes, it’s the same place where Nipsey, along with numerous other celebrities, was buried.

Speaking of his interment, a family member told TMZ that Monday’s funeral will be closed off to the public. However, a larger event will be held on May 21, but at present the details haven’t been worked out.

Since we’ve connected Nipsey and John in death, we must make note of their connection in life. Both men were raised in the same general vincinity of South LA, Both knew each other and both were based had businesses based in the area.

In other news about Singleton’s death, TMZ is reporting that the late director’s will was filed in Los Angeles Friday. His oldest daughter, 26-year-old Justice, will get his estate which is valued at $3.8 million. The will was drafted in 1993, before his 6 other children were born. They could have a claim to split the assets 7 ways.

The report goes on to say that Singleton, who died of a stroke last month at 51, could also have a trust outside the will. His estate was reportedly valued at around $35 million, so the will may not be a full accounting of the assets he left behind.

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