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Malik Yoba to Radio Hosts ‘I’m Not Gay’ – ‘I like Women with Breasts and Penises’ (LISTEN)

*Malik Yoba and his truth about being a “heterosexual” man who’s attracted to male to female (MtF) transgenders is still freaking folks out. And now he’s discussing it openly via radio shows.

Yesterday (09-04-19), he was on the phone with Big Tigger on Atlanta’s V-103 “Morning Culture” show. He told Tigger that he is not a homosexual because … he is attracted to “all women.”

Yoba, 55, also spoke with Claudia Jordan who hosts “The Morning Rush With Claudia” on 105.7 in Dallas – The actor went even further and left no doubt in folks’ minds as to where he’s coming from.

“I love women with breasts and penises,” he told Jordan with no hesitation

And if you’re wondering, Yoba also responded to being accused of paying a teenage transgender for sex 20 years ago.

Earlier we also reported …

*The mother of two of Malik Yoba’s children is speaking out about his shocking confession that he is a straight man is who attracted to transgender male-to-females.

Terry Vega hit up social media to let it be known that she’s disappointed the actor didn’t first warn his family that he was about to tell the world about his sexual preferences.

Vega, whose Instagram name is @terry1andonly, also revealed in her IG comment that Malik is currently in a relationship with a woman who identifies as transgender, Love B. Scott reports.

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