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Akron Focuses On Recycling

Mayor Horrigan and the City of Akron appreciate that offering recycling to residents is one aspect of good environmental stewardship. Recent changes in international recycling markets have forced the City, and communities across the county, to make changes to the way we recycle. The City of Akron is partnering with local sustainability organizations Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) and Summit ReWorks to implement a feet on the street Recycle Right campaign from June – August. The goal of the program is to reduce contamination and improve the quality of Akron’s recycling, which will make the City’s residential recycling program more sustainable. Under this program—funded by a grant from the Ohio EPA and The Recycling Partnership—workers will be in our neighborhoods, beginning June 3rd, inspecting the contents of recycling carts to ensure that only appropriate items are being recycled. Informational mailers and “oops tags” will be used to identify mistakes and educate residents about how to recycle correctly.

Remember! Only the following items should be placed into your curbside recycling carts: plastic bottles and jugs, cartons, metal beverage and food cans, paper and cardboard. Items should be clean, empty and not bagged.

For more information about what to recycle, please visit

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