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*A deranged Florida man has been arrested and charged with the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend, and then calling her father over FaceTime as she lay dying on the floor.

DeAngelo Clark, 30, is said to have called 20-year-old Kiara Alleyne’s dad Sheldon using her cellphone to ask him what to do after he reportedly stabbed his daughter.

When Sheldon told the madman to “call for help,” Clark told him no, saying “they will take the baby,” in reference to the couple’s one-year-old daughter, per Newsweek.

Clark initially told Sheldon that Kiara was the one with the knife, but Alleyne said he heard his daughter reply: “I don’t. He has the knife.”

Sheldon then called police after seeing Kiara in a pool of blood during the chat on September 11, WESH reports. Officers arrived at the home and found her dead and both Clark and their daughter missing.

Clark later posted on Facebook: “Now I must end my life just know she tried to kill me she walked into I’m srry [sic] to her family.”

Clark allegedly tried to burn down the home he shared with his girlfriend. He later suffered severe burns when he set himself on fire while sitting in his car, the Daily Mail reports. He was taken to a hospital in Miami where he’s being treated for his wounds. Marion County Sheriff’s Office say Clark will face a murder charge once he’s released.

The couple’s daughter was later found safe with relatives.

In a post on the couple’s second anniversary a day before the tragedy, Clark gushed about Alleyne, calling her his “rock” and writing: “This love is so ideal with its ups and downs I’m honored to be in it.”

Cecelia Koon, of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, said: “Right now, we are evaluating his condition medically, or detectives are on scene with him in Monroe County and as soon as he is able to be transported back to Marion, we will bring him here to face charges.”

Police were reportedly called to the couple’s home on domestic disturbances twice earlier this summer but no arrests were made, according to

The Reporter Newspaper
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