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It’s been nearly five days since 3-year-old Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney was abducted Saturday night while at a birthday party in Birmingham.

The kidnapping happened at Tom Brown Village public housing community off of Messer-Airport Highway.

Now, the Birmingham Police Department announced on Facebook that Crime Stoppers was offering a $20,000 reward for information related to her whereabouts.

“If you know where Kamille is, if you have her and you’re not sure what to do, I want to just talk to you for one second,” Police Chief Patrick Smith said during a press conference on Wednesday.

“I want to give you safe passage. Please bring her to one of our fire stations, police stations, a hospital. If you don’t know what to do or where to go and you’re frightened, we’re here to help you.

“Our goal is to reunite this 3-year-old baby with her family. I’m asking you now, if you know where Kamille is, that you contact us, that you please bring her to a safe location and we will follow up from there.”

According to the Daily Mail, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to CBS 42 that the child had been found, but authorities quickly made clear that information was false and they were still searching for the toddler.

Sheriff Mark Pettway later told CBS 42 he was given incorrect information from his deputies about Cupcake being found.

“We understand there was some stuff on social media and other platforms saying she has been located but she has not been located,” Williams told reporters.

Williams explained that police received what they thought to be a credible a tip linking the missing child to the housing complex on Jefferson Avenue, but that turned out to be a false lead.

“We’ve exhausted that location,” he said. “We’ve searched every unit and every vehicle within that complex. We haven’t located anything or any suspects or any evidence.”

Williams issued a public appeal for any information that might be relevant, saying people who were around when the abduction occurred may have seen something important or captured video of the scene at the time of the crime.

“Don’t give up on her,” he implored. “We haven’t given up on her and we’re going to locate her.”

Kamille was snatched and pulled into a dark SUV outside a public housing community Saturday at around 8.30pm. Investigators have since located the vehicle and arrested two people on unrelated charges to the kidnapping.

Patrick Devone Stallworth, 39, has reportedly been charged with seven crimes – possession of child pornography and possession with intent to distribute child pornography. The images were discovered on his cell phone during the investigation into the abduction, per He’s being held on a $500,000 bond.

Derrick Irisha Brown, 29, is also being held on a probation revocation with no bond for an unrelated kidnapping.

Officials have expanded an amber alert to neighboring states, seeking information about little Cupcake.

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