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Diana Autry Appointed To The Akron Public School Board

The hard work and dedication of Ms. Diana Autry's campaign were noticed by the voters of Akron as she showed proof of leadership, love, and support with the children of Akron Public Schools.

The people of Akron demanded that Ms. Autry be appointed to the seat soon to be left by councilwoman elect Ginger Baylor. It comes to no surprise because Ms. Autry was only a few votes out of third place. The Akron School Board listened to the people and recently appointed Ms. Autry to the position.

The supporters that came to the Victory celebration were overjoyed as they ate great food,

danced to great music and enjoyed great service by the staff of The Moda Ultra Bar. Chris, the owner of the bar, showed great hospitality serving the people at the event. We're looking forward to seeing Ms. Diana Autry serve The city of Akron as an Akron School Board Member. In closing, please check out my vibe session with Ms. Autry post above this article.

-Kat Israel

The Reporter Newspaper
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