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MSNBC host Joy Reid believes racism and sexism caused the collapse of Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-Calif.) presidential campaign.

We previously reported, it’s no surprise that Harris dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. After at one point, being the frontrunner in several polls, she lost her footing and never quite recovered. Harris also struggled to gain traction outside her native California.

She exited the race only averaging 3 percent support. Meanwhile, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg kicked off with 6 percent this week before he even started campaigning.

It’s also being reported that some of Harris’ staff had already left her to work the billionaire’s campaign.

Meanwhile, Reid hit up Twitter moments after Harris announced the end of her campaign on Tuesday to share her thoughts about why the Senator quit the race.

“The reality is that no 2020 candidate is perfect, but the extent to which people — including the media but also would-be voters — punished and refused to even consider Kamala Harris for flaws she frankly shared with other candidates, was telling and depressing,” Reid tweeted, The Blaze reports.

Reid noted that Harris along with Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Julian Castro, also presidential candidates of color, all polled poorly.

“And that refusal to even consider Senator Harris, or for that matter Julian Castro or Cory Booker, including out of an understandable distrust in the electorate, frankly, reflects in the polls that influence donors and that helps exclude candidates from the debate stage,” she said in a second tweet.

“Now we face the next debate for America’s diverse party, which thoroughly depends on voters of color for electoral survival, likely having no candidates of color on stage,” Reid continued.

“And the first states to winnow out the field have almost no people of color,” she added. “And here we are. In 2019.”

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