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Juvenile Court To Offer Another Session Of The Parent Project

AKRON, OH - The Summit County Juvenile Court is conducting its fifth session of The Parent Project, a curriculum-based model designed to provide assistance to parents looking to apply some behavioral interventions in the home. The program asks that participants devote 10 consecutive weeks to the program to get its full benefit. There is no charge.

Participants will be introduced to a proven curriculum that will provide evidence-based solutions that will aid in reducing a parent's stress level, improve their child's opportunity for a productive future, enhance their relationship with their child, and offer coping skills. All of this will take place in an adults-only, supportive, and safe environment.

Communication is a key component of The Parent Project. Participants will be encouraged to network with other members of the group, as well as social service agencies in the community and, of course, their child. Two members of the Juvenile Court staff, Natasha Ervin and Jimmy Oliver, facilitate the sessions, but group members will also be called on to share their experiences, their successes, and their challenges, while also taking part in advancing the lessons provided by the curriculum.

The next opportunity to take part in The Parent Project will begin Thursday, March 12th starting at 6pm at the William P. Kannel Juvenile Court Center, 650 Dan Street in Akron's North Hill section. Each session could last three hours, but the length of each session is flexible. Food and refreshments will be provided, as well as incentives to the class members throughout the 10-week process. But the greatest incentive is to change the life of their child through proven practices and meaningful dialogue.

If you are interested or know of someone who could benefit from The Parent Project, please contact Ms. Ervin at 330-643-5332 or Mr. Oliver at 330-643-7952.

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