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Spring Groundbreaking for Newest CLC

AKRON, OH - Akron Public Schools has plans to break ground next month on the newest, and 35th, community learning center that will be on the site of the former Garfield High School.

Projections are for an August 2022 opening. Community Learning Centers are jointly owned by Akron Public Schools and the City of Akron.

At last night's board meeting (2/10/20), the school board put a $57M cap on the cost of the building - a maximum amount for the cost of the project.

The building will be the district's second to include design features based upon the new College & Career Academies of Akron. Ellet CLC was the first APS building to include design elements to include considerations for the new approach to learning offered by APS. Go to to learn more.

Two academies are now operating at the current Kenmore-Garfield High School with partners from First Energy. Called the FirstEnergy Academy of Emerging Technology and Design and the Academy of Innovation and Industry, students are following college and career pathways in advanced manufacturing, business management, information technology, nursing and culinary arts.

Plans for the new building now include the spaces that they need to support those particular programs.

The culinary program, for example, incorporates the design of a full commercial kitchen. The advanced manufacturing program requires heavy machinery and other equipment that need a dedicated space as well.

The Reporter Newspaper
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