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Akronite Among Spellman Valedictorians

ATLANTA (11AliveNews) — Graduates at Spelman College are making history and their college commencement for its Class of 2023 just got even more momentous.

For the fourth time in history, the school will have multiple valedictorians. The all-women historically Black college will celebrate four valedictorians at this year's ceremony.

Maya Blasingame, Amaia Calhoun, Sydney DuPree and Chandler Nutall have all been named the valedictorians for their class. They are all reaching for the stars – coming from an array of backgrounds in their educational careers.

Ohioans are proud to hear that Amaia Calhoun of Akron is one of Spellman’s 2023 valedictorian graduates. Calhoun, who is a senior economics major, is heading to Ivy League Princeton University's Investment Company after she receives her degree, the website stated.

Blasingame is leading her class as a biology major. She will be heading to medical school this fall where she hopes to help underrepresented communities as an aspiring physician, according to Spelman's website.

"I feel just really excited and grateful. I think for me, coming in as a biology major, I was like, I'm just trying to make it through it," Blasingame said.

Blasingame added her greatest challenge came during the onset of the pandemic. At one point she said she had to adjust to going completely virtual and then returning to in-person classes.

Another valedictorian, Nutall, plans on attending law school after she completes a fellowship in New York once she graduates, Spelman's website said. She will be receiving her degree in English.

DuPree, who holds a 4.0 GPA, is set to stay in Atlanta and work on her dreams of becoming a casting director. She's currently signed with Atlanta's Forward Agency, the website said.

Maya Phillips is the salutatorian who will be receiving her degree in sociology. After she graduates, she will begin a career as a strategy analyst.

The historically Black women's liberal arts college will bestow Tracee Ellis Ross, a star of ABC’s “Black-ish,” with an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree.

"I'm excited to join the Spelman sisterhood," Ross posted on her Instagram. "What a wonderful honor."


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