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Asian Man Who Shot 6-Yr-Old Black boy Back in Custody After Community Outcry

The horrible neighbor who allegedly shot a 6-year-old boy is back in police custody following a massive outcry over his initial release on a $10k cash bond.

As we previously reported, 6-year-old Coby was nearly killed when his neighbor Ryan Le-Nguyen allegedly opened fire as the kid picked up his bike from the sidewalk. Ryan Le-Nguyen, was reportedly pissed Coby and a friend had left their bikes in front of his home.

The neighbor allegedly chased him with a sledgehammer, and then fired a gun, hitting him in the arm. Nguyen was arrested but then released after bonding out. The incident went down over the weekend in Ypsilanti, Michigan — about 35 miles outside Detroit. Prosecuting attorney Eli Savit told TMZ that the boy could have easily been killed in the incident and breaks down the argument he made Thursday in court to get bail increased to $100,000. 🙏🏾


The Reporter Newspaper
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