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City Of Akron Income Tax E-File Now Live

This week, the City of Akron launched a new e-filing system for City income taxes. The upgraded system will make it easier to file and pay directly through the system. To file, click here and go to "E-FILE" for step by step instructions to file your 2022 City income taxes.

First time users will no longer require the use of a personal filing code (PFC) but will instead be prompted to create a pin to access the system. The system will also allow filers to pay online and will include payment plans and allow for individuals to pay current or past due balances.

The new system will allow residents to submit refund requests once the taxpayer downloads the refund request form from the city's website and has the required verification from the employer. Residents will then be able to attach the scanned form into the system.

Additionally, the city offers the option of having the tax office complete forms on a taxpayer's behalf. Users can download a tax form completion request and return it with supporting documents.

Residents will still have the ability to file their taxes in person with a paper copy instead of through e-filing if they prefer. Forms can be downloaded from the city website and returned to the Income Tax Division at 1 Cascade Plaza, Suite 100. The office maintains a drop box accessible Monday through Friday between 6 a.m. and 5:50 p.m. It is not accessible on weekends or holidays.

The filing deadline for Akron income tax is April 18.


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