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City Of Akron Rubber Worker Statue

Akron will forever be linked to the Rubber Industry due to the ‘Rubber Capital of the World’ era when four major tire companies were headquartered in the City. These companies grew and prospered on the labor of the thousands of rubber workers that flocked to Akron to better their lives.

In September of 2019, the City of Akron announced that a statue would be installed in the center of the newly redeveloped Main St. to pay homage to the dedication of Akron's rubber workers who helped build up Akron and the rubber and tire industry.

The City hired Ohio Sculptor Alan Cottrill to create the statue. The piece is inspired by the image on the cover of David Giffels and Steve Love’s Book “Wheels Of Fortune.”

On May 11, 2021 the City installed the statue in the center of the roundabout located at the corner of Main and Mill streets. The statue itself is 12 ft. tall and fully bronzed. It stands on top of a tiered granite base.


The Reporter Newspaper
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