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City Of Akron To Install 28 Speed Tables In Residential Neighborhoods To Reduce Speeding And Enhance

Akron, Ohio, March 23, 2022 — After the successful testing of temporary speed tables in two Akron neighborhoods in 2020, the City will install 28 speed tables throughout Akron’s 10 Wards. See a map of the speed table locations here.

Speed tables are raised areas placed at mid-block points across roadways and are designed to limit the speed at which vehicles travel. Unlike speed bumps, tables have tapered ends and long flat tops to accommodate the entire wheelbase of most passenger cars. Akron’s tables consist of interlocking pieces made from recycled rubberized material and will be bolted and glued into place on street surfaces. During 2020’s pilot program, there was a 23% reduction in the number of speeders from 90 percent to 67 percent of traffic, and surveys provided to residents showed support for the speed tables.

“Speeding in residential areas is one of the most common concerns we hear from Akron residents, and with the successful testing of the speed tables in several neighborhoods, we can now implement the program throughout all of Akron’s wards,” said Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan. “We wanted to implement these traffic calming devices last year and unfortunately the pandemic pushed back the delivery of the tables to the extent that we were unable to install them until this spring. I’m excited to get these out in the community now and start to see a difference made for these neighborhoods and residents.”

Speed data from the Akron Police Department helped to determine streets for the installation. With the pilot study showing that sometimes more than one table is needed for sustained speed reduction, the streets and wards targeted for speed table installations include: Crosby Street (2) and Maple Street in Ward 1, Gorge Boulevard (2) in Ward 2, W. Miller Ave. (2) and Diagonal Road (2) in Ward 3, Storer Avenue (2) and Wildwood Avenue (2) in Ward 4, Inman Street (2) in Ward 5, Wedgewood Drive (2) in Ward 6, N. Firestone Boulevard (2) in Ward 7, Garman Road (2) and Castle Boulevard (4) in Ward 8, Florida Avenue in Ward 9 and Adelaide Boulevard (2) in Ward 10. Signage will be posted to alert drivers to the speed tables.

Installation began on March 21, 2022. Installation is expected to occur a few days per week and will take nine to twelve weeks for total installation as each table takes a full day to be set in place. They will be removed before winter. Residents who live on a street where the tables will be installed will be notified in advance of the exact location.

Residents who would like to suggest potential locations for future speed table installations can visit the AMATS feedback website and leave a comment: Residents can also offer feedback on the installed speed tables at this survey link:


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