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Cop Was Dispatched to Bust Teen Dance Group after Noise Complaint. He Joined Them Instead

A sheriff’s deputy stunned a young dance group when he arrived due to a noise complaint, but instead, accepted their challenge to a dance-off. And had the nerve to hold his own!

Deputy Romain Brissett of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Pensacola, Florida dance studio when a local resident mistook it for a nightclub. Daylight Savings Time was likely at fault for the mistake but as Deputy Brissett went inside to confirm his suspicions, he walked into the middle of dance practice.

On the floor were the girls of Pensacola Prancing Pirouettes. He spoke to the organizers, then asked the girls if they were any good – a challenge the group, known as “Three Ps”, were excited to answer. After showing Deputy Brissett a small performance, the girls then gestured they were challenging him in return.

The deputy suddenly walked onto the floor. Coach Shay Daniels, 37, said she had no idea what was about to happen, but as the beat continued, Deputy Brissett suddenly broke out in matching choreography.

Little did they know that in 1998 Deputy Brissett joined all-male dance org while attending a HBCU Florida A&M in Tallahassee. He started out as a member, became president and then later artistic director with the group performing at homecoming, parades and events in local community. He even taught dance as part of after-school programs for middle and high schoolers, so as he began to dance the girls let out huge screams in shock sending the entire place crazy.


The Reporter Newspaper
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