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Dr. Umar Johnson’s Black Nail Techs ‘Are Lazy’ Comments Ignite Social Media Debate Among Customers

Dr. Umar Johnson may feel a way about Black nail techs, but his view is clearly not shared among those who have stepped up to defend the women who service their hands and feet. In a video posted online, Johnson is seen discussing Black nail techs and pedicure with Aristotle of Aristotle Investments. During the chat, Aristotle cites Black nail techs who prefer to perform as many manicures as possible instead of working on feet. Aristotle goes on to share that many nail techs refuse to do feet, due to the “nasty” hygiene of customers, Madame Noire reports.

This mind state is not a profitable one, according to Johnson and Aristotle. Both men feel marks a loss for Black nail techs as Asian nail artists capitalize on the lack of foot care in a major way.

“You just gave them control of the entire foot market,” Johnson said when making his controversial comments that Black nail techs are “lazy” and “selfish” and aren’t “humble enough to serve another sister that looks just like you.”

The Pan-African expert reinforced the loss generated by refusal with remembering times during desegregation when Black people transitioned from being plumbers, mechanics, and architects to enlisting in a white man’s university. For Johnson, it the missed opportunity sabotages the e “economic growth as a people.”

The educator’s views, though eyebrow-raising, struck a chord on Instagram, with folk voicing their thumbs-up or thumbs down on having a Black nail tech do their pedicure.

“I would never let a BLACK WOMAN sit lower than me washing my feet. Hear me out. I turn down those services when they say they have it,” a customer expressed, followed by a user who was surprised by the rejection. “I worked in a nail salon about eight years ago, and surprisingly, the Black customers did not prefer the person doing their feet to be Black. In fact, they were very loud about it.”

Black nail techs are part of the larger nail industry, which reportedly comprises only 2.4% of the Black community. The backlash against Black nail techs may rub some the wrong way, but others are coming to their defense with positive experiences to show for their personal interaction with their respective tech for providing nail and feet services.

“I have a Black nail tech who does both, and she is the truth! And I tip her top $ too, just because!” one user wrote.

Taking to social media, another user contrasted Aristotle and Johnson’s negative claims with a statement blasting the pair while standing behind black nail techs.

“My nail tech is Black. I only go to Black nail techs. Being in the beauty industry, I know a lot of Black nail techs. Literally, EVERY BLACK NAIL TECH THAT I KNOW DOES BOTH NAILS AND TOES! I CAN’T STAND INSECURE MISINFORMED black men whose only purpose in life is to belittle black women,” the user said.


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