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Drakeo The Ruler’s Family Can’t Cover His Funeral … Or Can They?

Drakeo The Ruler‘s death came as a shock to many. He had only just turned 28, and his untimely passing left his family and fans in mourning. However, his death made headlines for a different reason, namely, that he didn’t have enough money to pay for a funeral.

Now, Drakeo’s family is asking a judge to allow them to dip into his assets to give their son the send-off they believe he deserves, according to TMZ.

In papers filed in L.A. County Superior Court on Monday, the late rapper’s mother, Darrylene Corniel, described her son as “talented” and “productive,” saying that he released five mixtapes before he died at age 28 earlier this month.

As such, she believes that her son had amassed at least $2 million in assets during his lifetime — assets that are currently frozen as part of an ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding Drakeo’s death.

In her docs, she says the expenses for Drakeo’s burial are “over and above the costs for a normal funeral.” She also says she needs additional money to help out his wife. Drakeo’s mother is asking the judge to order an audit of her son’s estate to get her hands on the cash to cover his funeral expenses and help out his family.

Wait! Even though TMZ claims they saw legal documents that prove Corniel made the request, Wack 100 took to Instagram to refute the report. According to the music manager, Drakeo’s memorial has already been paid for.

“I just spoke to the family @iamloyaltyandroyalty All Stories about @drakeotheruler needing donations for a burial is false,” he wrote. “All you blogs should be ashamed of yourself. Nephew had the bag & what they can’t get to I got !! HIS FUNERAL HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR BY THE FAMILY.”

As far as we know there hasn’t been any information shared about the plans for Drakeo The Ruler’s funeral, but it is expected to be small and intimate. Read Wack 100’s IG post below.

Last month, Drakeo the Ruler received a fatal stab wound to the neck during a backstage altercation at California’s Once Upon A Time in L.A. Festival, where he was scheduled to perform.

A portion of Drakeo’s remains turned up in Chicago last month, but the family says they’ve been unable to secure a burial site because of an unexpected rise in the number of COVID-related deaths this year.


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