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Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis Knocks Out Ryan Garcia with Vicious Body Shot in 7th Round

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis landed a vicious body shot to knock out Ryan Garcia in the seventh round of their non-title catchweight fight and settle one of boxing’s fiercest rivalries.

It didn’t seem like the knockout blow when it landed. Garcia continued for a moment as if it was like all the other punches he had soaked up that night. But Davis’ power then made itself known a moment later and Garcia fell to one knee, his nose bloodied, and shook his head as the referee counted down.

It was the second time that Davis had forced Garcia to the mat following a left hook in the second round. But this time, Garcia could not get back to his feet and it provided a conclusive ending to one of the most hotly anticipated match-ups in recent years.

“I didn’t think that body shot would end it, but I saw his facial expression and that’s what made me take it to him,” Davis said afterward, according to Sky Sports.


The Reporter Newspaper
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