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Gunman in Highland Park Parade Mass Shooting Arrested

Robert E. Crimo, 22, surrendered himself to authorities, NBC News reports. The killer is said to be a Trump-loving rapper who performed under the name “Awake.” According to the report, his recent music videos posted online included depictions of mass murder. The MAGA folks are attempting to distance themselves from Crimo by claiming he is actually ANTIFA.

We reported previously that the shooting at the Fourth of July parade Monday in a suburb outside Chicago left more than two dozen injured. A total of 31 people were transported to hospitals.

Highland Park Police Commander Chris O’Neill said a rifle was recovered from the scene. He said the attack appears to be “completely random” and the suspect shot from a roof.

The shooting caused hundreds of people to flee and triggered a police response of local, state and federal officers.

US Rep. Brad Schneider, a Democrat who represents the area, confirmed he was on the scene during the shooting in a tweet.

“My campaign team and I were gathering at the start of the parade when the shooting started. My team and I are safe and secure,” he said.

Jeff Leon, 57, told CNN the shots sounded like “firecrackers in a garbage can,” and it wasn’t until he saw police officers reacting, that he knew anything had happened.

“The police started reacting, and I saw some people falling,” Leon said. “We just took off. And, you know, we, we were hiding behind cars, folding into the next car and making our way.”

After his identity was released, reports soon followed about Crimo being “known to law enforcement.” It remains unclear if they were aware of the slew of violent videos he posted online for many months.

Per WGN TV, Highland Park’s mayor Nancy Rotering confirmed her connection to the suspect as Crimo’s father unsuccessfully ran against her for mayor in 2019.


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