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Judge Judy Criticizes Liberal D.A.s for Ruining US Cities

*Judge Judy Sheindlin condemned progressive district attorneys for their part in the decline of major cities that are plagued by crime.

“When you have district attorneys who are charged, whose job it is to do justice, but to keep the community safe … When you have elected district attorneys who don’t know what their job is, they should go find another job,” Judge Judy told Fox News Digital.

“Fill ice cream cones someplace. But don’t ruin cities,” she said.

“And what’s happened around New York City, Portland, San Francisco, you had district attorneys who didn’t know what their job was. And the cities are ruined, people are leaving.”

In many liberal-run cities across the nation, progressive politicians have adopted soft-on-crime policies.

“Oh I know how we got here,” Judge Judy said. “We got here because a small group of people who have very loud voices created a scenario where bad people got rewarded. And the victim got punished by the system.”

She added, “You know there is always a reason for criminal behavior — didn’t have a good upbringing, didn’t have two parents in the house, didn’t have one parent in the house,” the celebrity judge said.

“There’s always a reason. You’re mentally ill. That’s a reason. You took drugs, that’s a reason. You took alcohol, your brain is fried… Whatever it is.”

She noted that “there is never an excuse for bad behavior.”

“And when society started to make excuses for bad behavior, and react to criminality based upon the excuses, it fell apart.”

Do you agree with Judge Judy’s stance on liberal-run cities? Sound off in the comments.


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