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Mayor Horrigan Issues Statement Regarding Personal Experience With COVID-19

“This fall, like many others in our community, I was tested for COVID-19 after experiencing qualifying symptoms. Fortunately, my symptoms were cold-like and lasted approximately a week in total. I was tested for COVID out of an abundance of caution and the results came back positive. I followed all relevant workplace protocols and directions from Summit County Public Health regarding quarantine and contact tracing, as did any affected members of my household. I am pleased to report that I and my family are doing well. As I have throughout this recent COVID surge, I continue to work from my home office whenever possible.

It is important to remember that many of us who do contract COVID will experience minor or possibly even no symptoms. That is why it is so critical that we practice social distancing, wear masks, and avoid large gatherings even when we are feeling well, to avoid inadvertently exposing others to the disease. By already building COVID protocols into my daily life, I am optimistic that I was able to drastically limit any potential spread to others. While my symptoms were minor and manageable, I know that our local hospitals are currently full of patients who were not as fortunate. I want to thank the professionals at Summit County Public Health and my family physician for their assistance with testing, care, and for their clear and helpful advice on how to properly quarantine for the safety of others.”


The Reporter Newspaper
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