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Mayor Horrigan Launches Glass Drop Off Recycling Program

Akron, Ohio, Sept. 21, 2023 — Today, Mayor Horrigan held a press conference to launch a glass drop off recycling program throughout the City of Akron. The purple recycling bins will be available in five locations: Diamond Crystal Ballfield (2175 Edwin Ave.), Akron’s Dog Park (499 Memorial Parkway), Behind Spaghetti Warehouse (510 S. Main), Goodyear Heights Metroparks (1950 Eastwood Ave.), and Goodpark Golf Course (530 Nome Ave.). The city will accept all clean food and beverage glass bottles in the recycling bins. Glass will NOT be accepted in curbside recycling carts.

“We know how important recycling is to our residents and we’re proud to offer this solution for glass recycling here in Akron,” said Mayor Horrigan. “Glass is infinitely recyclable if we can capture it without contaminating the supply with other recyclables and waste, which is exactly what this program will do. Akron, our residents, Ohio manufacturing, and our environment all benefit from this program, and I can’t wait to see our residents utilize this sustainable solution for glass.”

Here's How To Recycle Glass in Akron:

  • Gather your glass jars and bottles – no need to remove labels.

  • Wash them out and remove any caps or corks.

  • Find the nearest City of Akron bin near you using this map.

  • Drop your glass in the bin.

The following items are acceptable for glass recycling:

Glass food jars

Spirit and wine, beer, & champagne bottles

Non-alcoholic beverage glass bottles

The following items are NOT Acceptable for glass recycling:



Light bulbs

Solar panels

Heat-resistant glass (e.g., Pyrex)

Drinking glasses

Computer/TV screens



The city has partnered with Ohio-based company, O-I, one of the world’s leading glass packaging manufacturers, for this program. O-I donated the recycling bins to the city of Akron and has partnered with CAP Glass who will transport and process the collected glass before supplying it to an O-I facility where it will be made into new glass bottles and jars.

“O-I is committed to sustainability and social impact, and glass recycling contributes to these commitments in many ways, including waste reduction, material conservation, energy reduction and job creation,” said Elizabeth Hupp, Global Social Engagement Leader at O-I. “We are excited to launch this partnership with the City of Akron to create a more circular economy for glass packaging. The glass recycled in Akron will be recycled at our Zanesville facility, where it can become new sustainable glass packaging in as little as 30 days.”


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