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Memphis Rapper Young Dolph Shot and Killed At 36

Heartbreaking news: Law enforcement confirmed #YoungDolph was shot and killed in Memphis this afternoon. As of now, the circumstances surrounding the shooting are not clear.

Maurice Hill, the owner of the shop told FOX13 his employees said Dolph walked into the store to buy cookies when a vehicle drove up and fired at the bakery.

Reports of the shooting initially surfaced on Twitter as bystanders shared footage of police at the scene of the shooting. One person can be heard saying “Ain’t no way these folks just killed Dolph.” Another person at the scene added, “I told yall that’s that only **** in the city with that car.

Wait! There’s MORE …

A video from the crime scene shows his car parked outside the shop while police investigate.

A source says Dolph went into the store, and a vehicle pulled up, firing through a front window and striking the rapper.

Young Dolph has been targeted in the past … back in 2017, he was struck by multiple bullets outside a shoe store in Hollywood, getting hit in the arms and buttocks, requiring surgery.

Earlier that same year, Dolph’s SUV was shot at over 100 times while he was in Charlotte, NC in a shooting that saw an arrest warrant issued for Blac Youngsta, who later turned himself in. The charges against BY were eventually dropped.

As Dolph explained to TMZ in the wake of that shooting, he dropped $600,000 for a pair of bulletproof vehicles and he chalked up the hail of gunfire to jealousy and hate because he’s rich and successful.


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