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Montgomery Riverfront Park Brawl Leads to Multiple Arrests

According to reports, the all-out brawl in Montgomery’s Riverfront Park led to multiple arrests. Reports say Montgomery Police Department officers responded to a disturbance at the park (around 7pm local time) where they saw and interceded in a large group of people in a fistfight on the dock on the Alabama River.

According to witnesses, the brawl started when a pontoon boat stopped at the riverfront, preventing a riverboat from docking there.

In footage shared to social media, several White people who were on board the pontoon boat are seen attacking a single Black man, who was allegedly a dock worker.

Additional footage shows multiple Black men and women coming to the worker’s defense. Montgomery police said they arrested several of those involved, charges are currently pending.

In one of the videos, police can be seen handcuffing participants on both sides of the conflict.

The Reporter Newspaper
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