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Proposed Zoning Code For Merriman Valley And Seeks Public Input

Akron, Ohio, June 20, 2023 — Today, the City of Akron announced the release of the draft Merriman Valley – Schumacher Area Form-Based Zoning Code for public review. A Form-Based Code specifies requirements for the physical character and layout of the built environment rather than focusing on the separation of uses of land and buildings such as residential versus commercial. The resulting regulatory framework fosters the creation of vibrant, walkable places by allowing for a mix of compatible uses. View the proposed zoning code here.

After a year of master planning work, the City of Akron, in collaboration with the City of Cuyahoga Falls and stakeholders from both cities, released the Merriman Valley-Schumacher Area Master Plan in February 2022. The plan is a vision of what the community believes the Valley should become in the future. It includes:

  • Neighborhoods that are more walkable and equitable.

  • A business district that serves as a gateway to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

  • Protection of the environment through conservation neighborhoods, habitat corridors, and riparian setbacks.

  • Improving transportation systems for all users by increasing safety and reducing congestion.

The next step in realizing this community vision is to adopt a modern Form-Based zoning code to guide development and conservation in the neighborhood. The new code will use simple visual language and diagrams that are easily understood by the general public. The code will ensure results that are in alignment with the Master Plan.

The city welcomes input and comments from the public on the draft Zoning Code through email at or by calling 330.375.2090. To access the draft Zoning Code, visit Akron's website here.

Councilpersons Shammas Malik and Nancy Holland are hosting a public meeting about the proposed zoning code on Wednesday, June 28, 2023 from 5:30 – 7:00 pm at Weathervane Playhouse, 1301 Weathervane Lane, Akron, OH 44313. The meeting will also be live-streamed at


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