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Republican Adam Kinzinger Endorses Biden-Harris Ahead of First Presidential Debate

Former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger has announced his endorsement of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris just ahead of the first presidential debate in Atlanta.

Kinzinger, a self-described Republican moderate, served as an Illinois congressman from 2011 until last year. He gained prominence for his opposition to his party’s direction, particularly after the January 6 Capitol attack. “This is what putting your country before your party looks like,” Biden said.

Kinzinger was one of only two Republicans, alongside former Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney, to serve on the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack. He was also among the ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in 2021, subsequently deciding not to seek reelection. In his recent book, “Renegade,” Kinzinger reflects on his political career, the challenges of working within a fractured political system, and his growing disillusionment with the Republican Party after Trump’s presidency and impeachment trials.

Kinzinger, a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump, cited the “existential threat” Trump poses to American democracy as a critical reason for his endorsement. He referenced Trump’s role in the January 6 insurrection and praised President Biden’s steadfast commitment to protecting and strengthening democracy.

Kinzinger’s endorsement sets the stage for a stark contrast at tomorrow’s debate. Trump’s election denialism and support for political violence will be starkly juxtaposed against Biden’s unwavering advocacy for democracy and law and order, a contrast that will be hard to miss.

Conversely, Biden has fostered a sense of unity in his coalition, welcoming Republicans like Kinzinger. His campaign has invested millions in outreach efforts targeting Nikki Haley’s primary voters and organizing Republican outreach with dedicated staff, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity.

“I’m a proud conservative. I always have been. As a proud conservative, I’ve always put democracy and our Constitution above all else,” Kinzinger asserted. “And it’s because of my unwavering support for democracy, that today, as a proud conservative, I am endorsing Joe Biden for reelection.” The former congressman claimed that the belief that America is a shining example of freedom, liberty, and democracy has guided him throughout his life.

“So, while I certainly don’t agree with President Biden on everything—and I never thought I’d be endorsing a Democrat for president—I know that he will always protect the very thing that makes America the best country in the world: our democracy,” he insisted. “Donald Trump poses a direct threat to every fundamental American value. He doesn’t care about our country. He doesn’t care about you.  He only cares about himself, and he will hurt anyone or anything in pursuit of power. We saw that when he tried to overturn an election, he knew he lost in 2020.

“He attacked the foundation of this nation, encouraging a violent mob of his supporters to march on the Capitol to prevent the peaceful transition of power.  Now, he has become even more dangerous. He’s called for the “termination” of the Constitution. He wants to be a dictator on day one, he actually said that. And he’s continuing to stoke the flames of political violence. There is too much at stake to sit on the sidelines.”

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Manager, released a statement regarding Kinzinger’s endorsement:

“Our campaign is proud to earn the support of Congressman Kinzinger, a true public servant who is a model for putting our country and our democracy over party and blind concession to Trump. Congressman Kinzinger represents the countless Americans that Donald Trump’s Republican Party has left behind. Those Americans have a home in President Biden’s coalition, and our campaign knows we need to show up and earn their support.

“President Biden will always fight for American democracy, the rule of law, treating each other with decency, dignity, and respect, and working to find common ground—even when we disagree. Congressman Kinzinger’s endorsement doesn’t just make our campaign stronger; it will better equip us to win the hearts and minds of voters committed to fighting for the future of our democracy and stopping Donald Trump.”



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