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The Coalition For A Safe Community Of Akron

Recently we were invited to attend a community meeting put on by The Coalition For A Safe Community. In-short, The Coalition For A Safe Community is a grass root, on the ground organization. They support and assist victims of discrimination and racism and their families, and confront the perpetrators. The Chairman of the organization is Akron Ohio's own Attorney John Wesley Sharp. Attorney Sharp has been doing the work as it pertains to the community for many years. As the past president of the Akron's NAACP in-conjunction with an array of accolades and experiences. As the Chairman of The Coalition For A Safe Community, he uses his influence and leadership abilities to meet with the community every last Saturday of the month. These community meetings are held on Akron's west-side at the Ed Davis Community Center (located at 730 Perkins Park Dr.) at 11am.

The last meeting in which I attended, was to generate an interest in the movement and it's membership. Also, to educate all in attendance about the importance of having an independent police auditor working on the behalf of the people here in Akron Ohio. Phillip Young (Akron's independent police auditor) was invited to be the featured speaker by the chairman himself, Attorney John Sharp. It was enlightening to know that out of the entire state of Ohio they are only three independent police auditors one of which is here in Akron Ohio.

The mission and objective of the Independent Police Auditor or IPA is to conduct outreach about the complaint process and the services the office provides to the community. Serve as an alternative location for filing a complaint against an Akron police officer. Monitor and audit the Akron Police Department or APD complaint investigations to ensure they are thorough, objective and fair and make policy recommendations to enhance and improve policies and procedures of the APD. Respond to the scene of, and review officer-involved shooting investigations.


1.For police officers and the community to partner proactively to solve community problems.To build respect, cooperation, and trust between the police and the community.

2.To improve Akron Police Department, training, oversight, monitoring, accountability and hiring practices.

3.Ensure fair, equitable, courteous, and professional treatment for all.

4.Establish public understanding of police policies and procedures and recognize exceptional service to foster support for the Akron Police Department

It was very insightful to get the chance to hear from our IPA Phillip Young. One of the greatest things that he informed us about was his availability to the community. In-short, he said that his phone line was open to the community 24/7. Which means if you have any ill-fated run ins with the police you can call him anytime to get help with a greater more detailed police report. If you need to get in contact with him his number is (330)375-2705. All in all, The Coalition For A Safe Community had some of the city's most notable community leaders such as The Nation Of Islam's Min.Stephen Muhammad, The NAACP's Judy Hill and a few others. To get connected with The Coalition For A Safe Community, check them out at their monthly meetings every last Saturday at The Ed Davis Community Center or call (330)773-4586. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.


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