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This Woman Died After Falling Out of Moving Police Car! Family Wants Answers

A 28-year-old Georgia woman is dead after sustaining head injuries from allegedly jumping out of a patrol car while being detained.

Brianna Marie Grier was arrested around 1 A.M on July 15 after her parents, Mary and Marvin Grier, called police because she was experiencing a schizophrenic episode.

As she was being transported to the sheriff’s office, police claim that Brianna kicked open the door of the patrol car and jumped out, hitting her head on the concrete. She is said to have been hand cuffed at the time.

Later that day, Hancock County police visited her parents to inform them that Brianna had been airlifted to the hospital for brain injuries sustained during the incident.

Brianna was in a coma for a few days, but later died from her injuries. Her parents say they don’t fully believe the story the police gave them.

“If she got out of the car, they had to have let her out of the car”, Mary said. “That’s my interpretation because in a police car you can’t open the door from the inside so it had to have been opened from the outside.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is now investigating the incident to figure out if any foul play was involved. This whole situation is sad. I truly believe that the police should learn how to deal with people who suffer from mental illnesses. Thoughts


The Reporter Newspaper
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