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White Man Who Admitted to Killing Black Secret Lover Only Sentenced to 1-Year In Jail

A White Florida man has been sentenced to serve one year in jail after he confessed to fatally shooting his Black secret lover.

Gardner Kent Fraser confessed to fatally shooting Dominic Jerome “DJ” Broadus Jr. outside of his (Fraser’s) home in Baker County, Florida on February 3, 2018. According to Pink News, Fraser said he shot Broadus in self-defense at first but later recanted his statement and his father, a former police officer, says his son committed the shooting to hide his bisexuality after investigators recovered a series of romantic text messages between Fraser and the victim from 2017 to 2018.

Fraser was not charged with murder despite confessing to the shooting and was charged with tampering with evidence. A judge gave him the maximum sentence of one year in jail and four years of probation. The ruling has led to outrage within the community and protests outside the Baker County Courthouse.


The Reporter Newspaper
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