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White Teacher Fired for Telling Black Student He’s ‘Just Another Black Boy Who Got Shot’

A white Kentucky high school teacher was fired after being captured on film fighting a black student. An investigation discovered he ‘escalated the situation when he told the teenager, who is a gunshot victim, he was ‘just another black boy who got shot.’

William Bennet is now a former science teacher who taught at Marion C. Moore High School in Louisville, Kentucky.

He wasn’t fired until last month for the August 24, 2021 incident – where he was filmed fighting the 16-year-old student. The details of that incident were revealed in the termination letter obtained by The Insider.

Bennett confessed to saying something to JamirStrane’ about being shot.’ According to the letter, the comment is what ‘provoked’ the student to punch Bennett.

Bennett then ‘caught the student’ and put his ‘whole body weight on top of him,’ the Daily News reported.

Strane previously told news outlets that he had been shot in a drive-by shooting n 2020 and admitted he hit the former teacher first because the teacher said he ‘would just be another black boy shot.’

The minute-long video from their fight shows Bennett and the student locked in a scuffle as students circled them.


The Reporter Newspaper
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