*It is common for women, in particular, to get flabby upper arms. These so-called “batwing” arms make it hard for a woman to feel confident and wear sleeveless tops. Even spending several hours exercising at the gym may not be enough to fix the problem, especially since the flabby tissue is usually not just fat, but also often loose skin.

The condition is more commonly seen in women than in men probably because of hormonal differences between the two genders. Men have more testosterone and tend thus to store less fat than women. This is not to say that men do not store too much fat at times as well, and in fact, there are men who become overweight and obese and have too much body fat.

Men, however, tend to store fat differently to women. The hormonal differences mean that women pack on the fat on their arms, hips, and thighs. Flabby arms are also sometimes a result of losing weight in which the fat has been lost but the skin remains, producing the excess floppy tissue hanging underneath the arm.

Age also does not help the situation with much of our skin becoming looser and thinner as we become older. How do you get rid of “batwing” arms? Changing your diet to include more fruits, vegetables, and protein rather than highly processed and sugar-rich foods is a good idea to improve your overall health and help tone your body. This may help you lose fat from all over your body but it won’t do anything about extra skin.


Cosmetic surgery is often the only solution to loose and flabby upper arms, since this way fat and skin is removed from the region to give you a toned appearance to the arms. The change in diet can at least help you become healthier which is important if you want and need to have surgery done.

Liposuction is an option if there is not too much excess skin, but it is worth remembering that liposuction literally only removes fat, and what some people may need is a Brachioplasty. You can find out more about a Brachioplasty and other cosmetic options including liposuction by visiting the Vera Clinic in Turkey. The Brachioplasty is also known as an arm lift procedure in which fat and loose skin is removed from beneath the upper arm.

In some cases, the surgeon can make the incision beneath the arm so that it is hidden from view. This is a better option than the traditional method in which a more noticeable scar is left on the arm after the procedure. Which precise type of arm lift procedure is done will depend on an individual patient’s particular situation.

The best outcomes occur when a person chooses a reputable clinic with accredited and experienced surgeons, and when the person having the work done is in good physical health to begin with. It is important to be healthy when having surgery because this decreases the risks of surgical complications.



Black teenagers in the United States have historically had lower suicide rates than whites. But a new study finds there’s a rise in Black teens attempting suicide in recent years.

Researchers at New York University found that between 1991 and 2017, there was an increase in the number of Black youths who attempted suicide, and they don’t know why, per NBC News.

“Are there different social pressures now? Is social media a factor? Is it the political climate?” said Dr. Ken Duckworth, medical director of the nonprofit National Alliance on Mental Illness. “We’re going to need more research to understand this.”

T-Kea Blackman, now 29, survived a suicide attempt at age 24, and she has since dedicated her life to helping others cope with depression and mental health issues, the report states.

“I couldn’t suppress these thoughts anymore,” she recalls. “I had thought about ending my life for eight straight months. I texted a friend and said, ‘It would be better if I wasn’t here.’ That friend did not know that I had already taken substances in the hope that I would go to sleep and not wake up. And while I was waiting to die, the police showed up.”


A recent study in the Journal of Community Health showed that suicide rates among black girls ages 13-19 nearly doubled from 2001 to 2017. For black boys in the same age group, over the same period, rates rose 60 percent.

Additionally, for children ages 5 to 12, black males are committing suicide at higher rates than any other racial or ethnic group, said Dr. Michael Lindsey, the executive director of New York University’s McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research.

“If suicide was a black phenomenon and all of a sudden there was an uptick in white kids committing suicide, there would be a national outcry,” Lindsey said on a panel, “Mental Health: A Hidden Crisis in Schools?” at this year’s Education Writers Association national conference.

Blackman says she works to connect people battling with mental illness to the resources they need.

“There are many signs if someone is having a mental health crisis,” she says, “and the major ones for children is if they begin to withdraw from regular activities, or if their grades begin to suffer. Another thing, if they start giving away possessions. Also, please monitor their social media, because sometimes it’s there that you will see what they’re going through.”

But her most vital advice to parents is not to dismiss your child’s emotions. 

“Parents too often dismiss what their child is saying about how they are feeling,” Blackman said. “They say, ‘Oh, you have a roof over your head and clothes on your back. … You don’t have any real responsibilities.”

“We still pass down generation trauma,” Blackman said. “Depression is a disease, just like diabetes.”

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