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1st Possible Snowflakes Of Season

October is the month that will typically bring our first snowflakes, and it looks like that will be the case again this year. Multiple cold fronts will sweep through the area this week and into early next week. The cold air will pour in over the warmer great lakes to produce lake effect rain and snow showers. Each front will push away the warmer temperatures and drag even colder air in as they push through.

Right now, it is far too early to forecast the amount of accumulating snow as the pattern could shift with this being multiple days away.

Current forecast confidence is increasing that the colder air will move in resulting in the threat of the first snowflakes of the season. Rain showers will try to mix to snow as the cold air moves in. We have experienced lake effect multiple times this season, but it has been too warm to snow. Next week, will feature colder air which will produce snowflakes and snow showers off of Lake Erie and Lake Huron.

It is just the start of the colder season across Northeast Ohio.


The Reporter Newspaper
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