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Tyrese Calls Out Jay-Z, Future & DJ Khaled For Ignoring Race Relations

Tyrese Gibson is the most recent Hollywood voice to chime in on social and racial injustice, and the singer turned to Instagram recently to deliver a PSA to Hollywood’s powerful rappers.

His message included an image of Jay Z, Future, DJ Khaled and others on the set of DJ Khaled’s latest single, “I Got the Keys,” and read, “They scheduled a video….. I hope they’ve scheduled other meetings about the state of black men and WHAT we need to do to change the shit that’s going on……… ”

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According to TMZ, Tyrese’s post wasn’t intended to blast these rappers. Instead, the IG post was calling for all people of color to step up and come together — most especially powerful black males like Jay Z, who has the stage from which to deliver his influence voice in an attempt to inspire change in urban communities.

Gibson told TMZ that he plans on reaching out to Jigga to establish a game plan to “save black men from killing each other and winding up in jail.”

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