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Apollo Theater Tells Trump Aww Hell-to-the Naw (!) on His Renting the Venue

We hear Donald Trump had his eye on coming to the Apollo Theater in Harlem of all places to presumably hold one of his rallies.

Yes, you read that right. A Donald Trump rally at the historic theater. At least that’s what the New York Daily News is reporting. Oh yeah, just to be clear, it’s not gonna happen.

The Daily News story pointed out that “Trump’s team had been reaching out ‘every day,’ but thus far, all he has to show for it are the tears of a clown.”

“They don’t want him there,” says one insider familiar with The Donald’s dealings with the 102-year-old concert hall, which became the Apollo in 1934.

While one source tells us the Apollo has not been returning Trump’s camp’s calls, a second source says the two parties may have talked, but no deal has been announced.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has been trying to attract black voters, but on the other hand, he’s turned them and other minority groups off in the 16 months since announcing his racially charged candidacy.


In August, he straight up pissed off a lot of potential black voters by saying that life was so bleak in the African-American community that they might as well vote for him. “What the hell have you got to lose?” he asked.

The GOP presidential candidate has pretty much killed any chance of getting the black vote based on his history of running companies that have settled or been penalized over racial discrimination charges in New York and New Jersey. He also spent five years questioning the legitimacy of the nation’s first black President’s birth certificate, before conceding last month that Barack Obama is indeed an American citizen.

Meanwhile, a rep for the Apollo confirms that the theater was indeed approached by Trump’s team.

“We carefully reviewed the request and determined that because of public safety concerns, we did not have the capacity to ensure the safety of our community and could not accommodate the event,” according to the theater’s spokeswoman Nina Flowers.


However, Trump’s team is saying something different.

“We are not aware of any requests being made,” says Trump rep Hope Hicks.

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