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Dr. Dre Gets Heat for ‘Abusive’ Portrayal in Michel’le Biopic

Despite decades old reports about Dr. Dre being an abuser of women, it took the biopic of his ex Michel’le to get his fans to finally care. Dre’s dark past with women resurfaced last summer when the NWA biopic was all the rage… and still nobody cared enough to take attention away from the box office hit.

However, after the Lifetime premiere of “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le,” viewers blasted the music mogul on Twitter for laying hands on the 90’s R&B singer.

In the biopic, Michel’le is played by actress Rhyon Nicole Brown, and the artist served as consultant and producer on the project. Michel’le claims she was abused physically and mentally abused by Dr. Dre throughout the course of their relationship, a claim that the famed producer has denied. They share one son, Marcel, born in 1991.

Dre made numerous attempts to get the film shut down, and even threatened to sue the network. Lifetime aired the biopic on Saturday night, and Twitter erupted.

The Reporter Newspaper
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