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Candice Eberhardt Explains How She Is Supporting The Community

Last week I did an article about the community supporting black owned businesses. We had quite a few business owners who put in their two cents regrading the topic. According to the stats here at, last week's article generated a lot of interest. This week I decided to ask a slightly different question. The question is as follows. If black businesses and their owners want community support, how then is black business supporting the community? And if the answer is simply that they provide a service or merchandise that we need the question now becomes "what makes them any different than the Arab, Korean and any other people that's taking from the community without investing in it"? Candice Eberhardt broker/owner of Eberhardt Realty & Management answers this question perfectly in the video below. If you're looking to buy or sale a home please support the people that supports the community by giving her a call at (330) 865-6612. Or visit her at the office which is located at 1650 W.Market st. #16 Akron Ohio 44313. Until the next time have some fun and get something done. -Hiram Akeem

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