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This story is still unfolding, but its very troubling even with the little we know. So far police suspect that the bodies of a male and female found inside of a meeting room at a Dallas office building was that of a subordinate and his boss. Police are alleging that the man was the employee, and that he shot and killed the woman, his supervisor, before turning the gun on himself.

Police had been alerted to an active shooter situation at approximately 10:45 a.m. Monday morning in a building near I-635 and U.S. 75, according to what Dallas police assistant chief, Randy Blankenbaker, told attendees at a news conference Monday afternoon.

Blankenbaker said arriving officers used shotguns to breach the locked glass door of the meeting room, and one of the officers actually suffered minor injuries as a result. Upon entering, the bodies were discovered, but the identities were not immediately available.

To ensure there were no other victims or injuries, officers evacuated the building around 12:50 pm.

Thank goodness, no others were found.

I can’t think of a better opportunity to note that, no matter how frustrating a situation at work may get, we can’t just go around killing each other as a result.

Our hearts sincerely go out to the families of these victims.

No one wins here. No one.

The Reporter Newspaper
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