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Kwanzaa Begins December 26-January 1st

When we as a people often say "happy holidays", most of us are really saying "merry x-mas". Myself, I know a few people that truly mean what they're saying when they say "happy holidays". The brothas and sistas that I'm talking about are truly saying "let's not forget about other traditions that we as a people partake in during this time of the year.

Which brings me to the tradition of Kwanzaa. I can start off by giving you the history of the holiday but this year I will simply tell you that it's that time of the year to celebrate your ancestral"African" history and culture. Kwanzaa (as a holiday) occurs during the 7 days following the x-mas holiday.

During the 7 days of Kwanzaa, each day is represented by a cultural principle that is designed to empower our people. Each day has a different principle which is as follows...

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