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Sunday Conversation With Bro. Min. Steven Muhammad

I was at the BMe event this past Friday and ran into the local representative for the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. For the few people that may not know his title and name is Student Min.Brother Steven Muhammad. When we talk about BLAkron Ohio, one of the first people that "should" come to mind is Brother Steve. He has been on the front lines for years fighting for our people's liberation, equality and respect. Being a member of the local press/media I get the opportunity to

interview a lot of interesting people. Being the C.E.Bro of my own platform, outlet and business I can be as basis as I want to in-regards to who I feature no-matter How many times. In all honesty, anytime you get the chance to hear from our Bro Min.Steven Muhammad It's always a good thing. In-closing, Let's not forget our slogan here at and it is as follows. "We paint positive images of our people everyday". As it pertains to Bro. Min. Steven Muhammad, he makes our job easy. No Painting necessary, his image has always been polished and positive. Check out my quick interview with him at the bottom of this post. Until the next time, have some fun and get something done.

The Reporter Newspaper
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