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President Trump Wants to End Yet Another Program That Helps Low Income Families

President Trump is once again under fire for seeking to eliminate a heating assistance program that helps keep low-income families' homes warm. The Trump administration claims that the program is not really necessary and is marred by fraud.

The program's supporters say otherwise. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, also known as LIHEAP, serves as a "lifeline" for the elderly, disabled, and other low-income families. It helps them pay their heating bills through grants. "If the president turned around and did away with that funding, I have no idea how we'd survive in the winter," said Dwayne LaBrecque, who was disabled due to diabetes. It is not the first time President Trump attempted to end the heating aid program. Last year, his administration also made efforts to abolish the program. It was greatly opposed by the Congress and allotted $3 billion, or 90% of the program's funding. This year, the Trump administration used the same argument that the program is rife with fraud and won't really affect anybody when eliminated. Still, a group of 45 senators asked the president to continue the energy assistance and weatherization assistance programs. The president's 2019 budget released recently would also cut on other social programs like federal housing assistance and food stamp program.

The Reporter Newspaper
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