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As expected, Donald Trump gave Kanye West a huge shout-out during his speech at the NRA Convention … for giving him a boost in the polls with black folks.

According to a Reuters poll, black male approval for Trump has doubled between April 22 and April 29, from 11 percent to 22 percent.

This is the same week the troubled rapper came out in support of Trump, so The Daily Caller, which first unearthed this metric, suggests caution. The poll only talked to 200 black men. It’s unclear from the poll how black women feel.

Trump’s overall approval among black Americans also nearly doubled, with a jump from 8.9 percent to 16.5 percent.

Another interesting metric was on the issue of “mixed feelings.”


Opinions on Trump among black males were hardened on the 22nd when only 1.5 percent said they have “mixed feelings” on the president.

A week later that number jumped to 7.1 percent, which would suggest Kanye’s goal of unlocking the mind to see outside the Left’s Thought Plantation is reaching people.

The report also explains why Kanye is currently under fire in both the media and popular culture. He has the cultural power to break the so-called “conditioning” and “slavery of the mind” when it comes to voting for Democrats.

“Therefore, before he can be allowed to break this hold, West must be destroyed.”

CNN anti-Trump activist Brian Stelter has already described West as a gift to racists.”

“This poll will only increase the personal attacks on West. And if West continues to hold his ground and if these numbers look the same come November, second only to Trump will West be targeted for annihilation.”

In the meantime, Trump thanked Kanye in front of the huge white audience in Dallas, crediting the Chicago native for doubling his support from African-Americans.

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