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The Director of Talking Point also came forward to say that Kanye West has taken some very bold steps to take America into a conversation that was much needed. That being said, the Blexit website has also notified its readers that it aims to impact all the freethinkers in the country so they could release themselves from all kinds of political orthodoxy.

Even though Blexit sounds more like the sounds a dying sheep may make, you may relate this word to a completely different type of renaissance – a more abominable one! As many users on the Breitbart website found, Blexit is apparently a national movement of sorts that wants people to awaken to the truth. It is a movement which is aimed at targeting those people who support leftist political parties and candidates. Now this movement asks them the question, “What does this allegiance have to show for it?”

Apparently the ‘explanation’ of the campaign was received well, but the designs were what really got people riled up. As some tweets suggested, people called the campaign designs horrendous, and that it portrayed something very wrong at first glance. But why were people confused?

The shirts in this ‘Yeezy’ special collection have the words ‘Blexit’ emblazoned across the chest. The campaign website says that Kanye is involved in the campaign directly, but Kanye refused to comment on these views complete. We supposed the cellular reception in his tree house may be a little weak, or maybe he’s just being his usual self.

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