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Ace & Dee's Black History Event Review

This year's Ace & Dee's Black History Extravaganza took place on February the 22nd. Yvette Harris owner of The Copley Road Community Center, opened her doors for Akron's conscious community to hold it's annual fellowship. As always, the city's "black" independent business owners were honored and celebrated with interviews and their time to promote what services they provide at the podium.

This year in-conjunction with The Reporter Newspaper, we gave out AkronHiphop Community Awards to those movers and shakers that made a positive and consistent impact on our community. Also, we did a ceremony for social media regarding the awards. We thought that doing the ceremony for social media would be a great way to get the word out to those nominated and to those that won.

Our speakers for the evening showed and proved why they're considered some of the best brothers to talk about our unique history, plight and future. Big ups to Mr. Prophecy, Dennis Wilson, Russ Neal and Min. Stephen Muhammad for a job well done. I really appreciated you brothers for taking the time to celebrate with us this year.

In-closing, I wanna thank Char Johnson, Yvette Harris, Joi Wilson, Jamie Cole and Maurice Thomas for helping with this year's Extravaganza. Please check out the video of our award ceremony from this year's event sponsored again by The Reporter Newspaper. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.

The Reporter Newspaper Presents

The 2019 AkronHipHop Community Awards

The Reporter Newspaper
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