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Earlier this month, a Swedish court found rapper A$AP Rocky guilty of assault for his role in a June 30 street brawl in downtown Stockholm.

Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was arrested in Stockholm in July after he and two members of his entourage got into a street brawl with Mustafa Jafari, 19.

The case has attracted widespread attention, with Kim Kardashian, singer Rod Stewart and President Trump calling on Swedish authorities to release the rapper, claiming he was treated unfairly.

The U.S. government went so far as to warn Sweden of “negative consequences” if Rocky wasn’t released.

A judge ultimately ordered the Harlem rapper and his co-defendants released from custody pending the verdict of the trial. They were also allowed to leave the country, and once the guilty verdict was handed down, the court determined the crime did not warrant any further time served, and noted that Rocky would not have to do community service.

Whether or not Trump’s influence had any impact on the case, Rocky has been back in the US for a while now, and the White House is apparently pissed that he hasn’t thanked them yet.

Yahoo ran a piece, which suggests Trump got involved with Rocky’s case as part of his effort to boost his image among Black voters. So his administration turned to Trump-supporting Ohio pastor Darrell Scott and Trump supporter Kareem Lanier, who reportedly had discussions with Rocky’s manager John Ehmann about the rapper thanking the Trump team upon his release from Swedish prison, per Complex.

Scott claims Ehmann promised that such a gesture wouldn’t be a problem, but once Rocky’s trial wrapped and he was back in America….”We don’t get a call,” Scott told Yahoo. “We don’t get a call at all.”

Ehmann later said that Rocky couldn’t be bothered acknowledging Trump because he was busy with travel-related matters and needed to rest.

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